361 Military Road, Mosman, NSW

Faced with excessive stormwater issues causing internal leaks throughout several apartments, Executive Strata needed the support of a trusted partner to conduct a thorough assessment of the site. Signs of significant water ingress with the building’s passenger lift shaft was of additional concern.
Previous assessments by other parties had indicated a new roof and downpipes would need to be installed on top of existing structure as the existing drainage system was not visible from the building’s exterior.

The Challenge: finding the best solution

Executive Strata engaged CORE to investigate the building’s stormwater and water leakage issues and advise on remedial action.
Going beyond the brief, CORE conducted a thorough whole-of-site inspection to assess and identify other potential areas of concern and impact over and above the affected areas.

CORE’s due diligence proves critical

In addition to the lift shaft, the CORE team uncovered previously undetected water ingress within the building’s car lift and oil room where electrical and hydraulic cabling was at immediate risk of short-circuiting, deterioration and posing a danger to residents.
CORE then sought to obtain the plans of the existing drainage system installed by stormwater/hydraulic consultants. This due diligence was of paramount importance as it revealed that Executive Strata could repair, rather than replace, the existing system saving them a significant amount of time and money.

The Outcome: CORE’s holistic approach mitigates risk and delivers savings

CORE’s rigorous approach to this project located the root cause of each issue and enabled the team to deliver a comprehensive assessment report, providing Executive Strata with a complete view of the issues at hand.
Importantly, a long-term solution could now be undertaken, providing the assurance of reduced risk on future issues while saving money, time and impact on residents’ safety.

Cooma Hospital Redevelopment, NSW

NSW Health Infrastructure were redeveloping the Cooma Hospital to deliver enhanced services, facilities and care to Cooma and surrounding communities.

With an investment of over $24 million, the project involved a staged extension and refurbishment of two adjacent blocks at the hospital campus. The upgrades saw the development of a new Maternity Ward as well as an expanded and improved Emergency Department and relocation of Ambulatory Care, Pathology and Medical Imaging.

The CORE advantage: collaborative and integrated solutions

Having strong experience in the Aged Care/Health sector, and in delivering solutions for complex, live environments, CORE was engaged to deliver a multi-disciplinary project solution that included the following services:

  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Fire
  • Hydraulics

Working closely with Project Coordination over a 2-year design and construction period, CORE delivered flexible, cost-effective engineering for Cooma Hospital that required seamless communication and integration across all stakeholders and services – ensuring the best possible solutions and outcomes were achieved along the way.

Critically, the rollout of our strategies and services enabled Cooma Hospital to remain fully operational throughout the project period.

Shoalhaven Hospital Multi-Deck Carpark, NSW

In a major milestone for communities of Shoalhaven and surrounds, Health Infrastructure recognised the need for additional car parking spaces to accommodate the growing use of Shoalhaven Hospital -improving connectivity and allowing easier and more convenient access for patients and visitors.


12 months – design
12 months – construction

The Challenge: finding the best solution

Project Coordination engaged CORE for the demolition and development of the new multi-deck car park and security room.
The design stage was critical to ensuring the new car park capacity was optimised and would visually integrate and align with the hospital’s masterplan. Complex, existing issues on site needed to be overcome which saw CORE working closely with builders and clients to alleviate concerns safely and with timely and cost efficient solutions.

CORE’s key areas of focus were: capacity requirements, coordination with the existing helipad and impacts on helicopter approach to hospital, aesthetics, water diversion/flow path management, lighting and hydraulics.

The project was constructed within the challenging environment of an operating hospital and adjacent to a cancer care unit. Close collaboration and communication with stakeholders was required to ensure minimal interruption to clinical services and hospital access; as well as a focus on infection control due to the close proximity of immunocompromised patients.

The Outcome: car park capacity increased by over 50%

Construction on the NSW Government’s $11.8 million multi-storey car park was completed in June 2020.

The new five split-level car park provides patients and visitors with more than 300 new spaces, increasing the hospital’s overall parking capacity to over 550 spaces and features a stunning facade inspired by the colours and landscape art of Shoalhaven luminary Arthur Boyd.

Notably, the project was awarded Winner of the NSW MBA Building in Excellence Awards in the ‘Best Public Building $10-15M’ category.