The Brief

CORE was engaged to provide investigative works, facade engineering and weatherproofing services for the removal and replacement of aluminium composite cladding on the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre in the bustling Inner-West suburb of Marrickville. The works were part of a larger scope to upgrade the structure to improve the sustainability and safety of the Centre.

Project details

The works included:

  • Investigation of existing cladding on the roof and fascia of the structure
  • Investigation and coordination of the suspended fabric ceiling
  • Design and engineering of complex angular replacement cladding, including interfacing with existing roof and window systems
  • Detailing and performance solutions for the weather proofing of the new facade
  • Remediation of identified corroding structural steel work due to the high chlorine environment
  • Construction services including assistance in resolving key construction interfaces.

Our process

CORE’s extensive experience in the identification, removal and replacement of cladding enabled us to efficiently identify areas required for investigation to facilitate a replacement design. Working closely with the head contractor and facade sub-contractor, CORE developed suitable replacement strategies that addressed restrictions presented by the existing structure. Our proposed solution ensured optimal structural performance of the replacement cladding and aligned with environmental design requirements, weatherproofing and constructability, all whilst maintaining the original architectural intent of the development.

CORE’s team has been working diligently to deliver considered design advice that requires an intricate understanding and consideration for competing facade design elements. We have a strong focus on upholding proactive and timely client communication to deliver a seamless client experience and meet the project timeline.

    • Government
  • Tecorp
    Inner West Council

  • Black Street, Marrickville, NSW 2204

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