Expert Reporting


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CORE has over 20 years’ experience in expert reporting, preparation of evidence as well as court appearances and giving testimony. To date, our team has played a significant role in achieving successful outcomes for over 100 matters – from NCAT all the way through to the Supreme Court.

Our reputation is built and backed by more than 300 years’ combined multi-disciplinary engineering experience as well as a deep understanding of Building Code of Australia (BCA) compliance, defect and rectification processes/requirements and the complex and ever-evolving standards, codes and guides that govern the building industry.

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Our Services & Expertise

  • Attendance and expert evidence at tribunal and courts
  • Detailed defect reports suitable for litigation or homeowners warranty claims
  • Assessment and preparation of building compliance reports – compliance to BCA and Australian Standards
  • Expert reports prepared in accordance with expert witness code of conduct
  • Report in reply (to other expert reports)

Principal Office, Sydney

  • 5 / 45-55 Epsom Road,
    Rosebery NSW 2018