Fire Engineering & Fire Protection


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Fire safety and risk management are of paramount importance in the building industry – preserving and protecting lives, safeguarding our businesses and the assets we value.

CORE’s fire division delivers a complete range of fire and life safety solutions across all industry sectors.

From the feasibility stage through to design, construction and management, our team of senior engineers are focused on developing integrated, cost-effective solutions for new and existing buildings.

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Our Services & Expertise

Fire Engineering

  • Development of Fire Engineering Performance Based Design Briefs
  • Development of Fire Engineering Performance Solutions Reports using performance-based solutions as alternatives from the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the BCA
  • Radiant heat assessment calculations
  • Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling using Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) to undertake detailed analysis of fire and smoke spread
  • Fire Engineering case studies
  • 3D evacuation movement modelling
  • Peer review and advice to clients
  • Fire brigade and authority consultation
  • Fire Safety Audits and Risk Assessments
  • Fire upgrade strategies for existing buildings

Fire Protection

  • Fire protection diagnostics, design, concept, specification, CAD, scope, tender, construction services and commissioning on all fire protection systems
  • Due Diligence Fire Compliance Audits, baseline audit and Gap Analysis
  • Expert reports on fire defects and fire related BCA Compliance
  • Act as client’s representative in response to Council or Fire Brigade notices
  • Fire order assessments and developing scopes of work in response to Council notices and orders Construction phase compliance inspections, Quality Assurance and reporting Witness testing and Commissioning

Principal Office, Sydney

  • 5 / 45-55 Epsom Road,
    Rosebery NSW 2018