The Brief

Having successfully completed similar works at Westmead Hospital, CORE was engaged by Mostyn Copper to provide expert advice regarding failed waterproofing roof membrane at the Sydney Children’s Hospital.


Stage 1: completed January 2020

Stage 2: currently in progress

Program expected to continue into 2024.

A People-First approach to engineering

Experiencing significant water ingress issues resulting in damages to valuable
equipment and impacting the Hospital’s patient capacity, CORE worked diligently to
deliver a long-term, 2000m2 technical waterproofing solution for our client.

Given the nature of the building and its occupants, along with the impact and
restrictions presented by COVID-19, CORE applied a ‘high priority’ Program of
Works that saw all technical inspections and onsite testing conducted in a safe,
timely and efficient manner.

Stage 1 of remedial works required CORE to strategically determine ideal project
phasing so that affected areas could return to full operational capacity promptly
and prevented further water ingress issues impacting the site.

CORE recommended and designed a 360º cost-effective and sustainable
solution using a premium, innovative waterproofing membrane that could be
installed over existing materials – resulting in a significant decrease to project
time and costs, while minimising wastage. 

With key stakeholders and the impact on end-users front of mind, CORE
placed a strong focus on exceptional communication throughout the project,
ensuring all parties were well informed throughout the process.

Stage 2 of the project is currently underway with works expected to reach
completion in 2024.

    • Aged Care/Health
  • Sydney Children's Hospital – Mostyn Copper

  • Randwick, NSW

    • Remedial
    • Stage 1: complete.
      Stage 2: in progress

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